Prunus persica 'White Heath Cling'

Common name: White Heath Cling Peach, Jefferson's name: Heath peach
Family: Rosaceae (Rose)
Distribution: Garden Origin
Hardiness: USDA Zone 6
Life form: Deciduous tree
Usage: Edible
Comments: In 1813 Jefferson recorded planting "4. fine Heath peach stones. Carysbrook," in the nursery. He received them from Wilson Cary of Fluvanna County. Heath Cling is not only considered the first named American cultivar but was also the most highly acclaimed. The fruit of the Heath Cling is very large, sometimes weighing half a pound, and it terminates in a point at the head. It ripens in September yet is frequently stored and eaten during October and November, a unique feature among peaches. The skin is creamy white, sometimes with a red blush, while the flesh is abundant with juice.Text adapted from Fruit and Fruit Trees of Monticello by Peter J. Hatch.


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