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Explore Thomas Jefferson’s gardens and landscapes at Monticello
Thomas Jefferson’s love of gardening was fueled by his insatiable curiosity about the natural world. Atop the little mountain, Jefferson approached the landscape as his “workhouse,” and the gardens as an experimental laboratory. The gardens and grounds are a living autobiography of America’s third president – his passions and preferences, world travels, and scientific curiosities. Today, the landscape remains central to Monticello’s identity with many of the same plants that Jefferson enthusiastically cultivated 200 years ago. Learn more about Jefferson’s gardens at
The Monticello Garden Explorer enables you to access our living collections database from most personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. Find specific plants in the garden by using the Search function with either the scientific or common names or plant family. Use the Map feature to zoom in on a specific location and see all the plants in that area.

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Please note that not all plants listed in this search are available for sale. The Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants offers a wide variety of seeds and plants at Monticello’s Garden Shop, located in the David M. Rubenstein Visitor Center, as well as through the online catalog: Monticello Online Shop. For further information, please contact:; 434-984-9819